Looking for a More Portable iPad? Why Would You Buy an iPad Mini?

The wait is over and so are the rumors – now you can get the best price for iPad Mini. The iPad Mini was presented recently and will be available in November. You are looking to buy one? We have made some research and got interesting information.

First of all, if you consider the price, the iPad Mini is in the high end compared to other competitors, but the weight and the screen ratio makes the investment worth. We will check all the attributes and show you why the iPad Mini has a better “Bang for the Buck”.

Best Price For iPad Mini

Best Price For iPad Mini

When I started my personal journey with Apple gadgets, I bought an iPhone and afterwards an iPod Touch. The screen was tiny, but I was happy with all the apps, and the usability of iOS. Then I figured out that the screen was too tiny, but it was not a big deal for me… I had owned Palm organizers almost since they invented them, and had no problem with the tiny screen. However I was always wishing for larger screen. I always saw with interest the Sony Reader and the first Kindles, but they didn’t have the tome of application library I wished – I had to be an Apple. Then came the iPad…. GREAT!!! However, the device weighted too much, but people loved it. Competition came, but with no big app library support. I bought an Android device, good tablet, but no iOS. Now comes the iPad Mini. Let’s check some features:

You Can Hold It In One Hand… And Don’t Get Tired

That’s right, the new iPad Mini is lighter that its brothers, almost half the weight. This means that you can use it for reading a loooong book, play Angry Birds while waiting in line for your coffee, read in your bed without falling sleep and the tablet bangs in your face (this is not a joke, I broke my lip once and have several contusions in my nose… no kidding).

No more jokes, lets talk seriously. A smaller iPad means more portability, its easer to take along with your notebook or your agenda (if you still use one of there – I do). Also you can hold it in one hand, as the title says, You don’t need two hands or holding like a big folder. You can use the other hand for taking notes easily, as with a small paper notebook (why to we overcomplicate things???).

Finally, compared to other 7 inch tablets, the iPad Mini is lighter and the screen is larger. Sounds difficult to believe? Read on…

The Screen has Excellent Resolution… But It’s Not Retina

The screen resolution is also the same and the older iPad 2, but it is sharper because its 7.9 inch size, so there is no problem reading that book you downloaded. It is not a Retina Display, but the higher density of the pixels makes it easier to read a book.. In short, it is not a cheap screen, good readability, and I don’t miss Retina.

Another great thing about the screen is that it’s a 7 inch tablet, it is lighter, even though it has a larger screen. The iPad Mini has a 4:3 ratio screen against the 16:9 of the competitors. In a 16:9 screen (such as my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2), it’s easier to watch a movie, but when you read a book, there is too much slack space. On a screen with 4:3 ratio, the book pages are larger and easier to read.

iPad Mini and other Goodies

Lets compare it with its “Big Brothers” Apart from the size (Elementary, my Dear Watson”), it has the same brains that the Ipad 2, the Dual-Core A5 chip. Well, it is not the super fast chip used in the latest iPad, but it does the job.

The connector is also the same as the newer iPad. The Lightning connector is more durable, and can be inserted on any side. The downside is that the actual docks are not compatible, but this connector was required for a thinner device.

The battery lasts almost 10 hours; that’s a lot of juice for a workday without worrying about bow battery problems.

Also, the most relevant matter are the apps: iTunes Store has far more (that’s it, far more), apps than Google Play. Apple has made a loyal following of application developers. Nobody else can show this type of qualifications.


  • Easier to hold
  • Long battery duration
  • Thin


  • Processor
  • Lightning connector
  • Not a retina display

We will get you the best price for iPad Mini once it is available.